Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue has identified a target area and searched with a cat-detection dog on Halloween. Learn more about the process (#13) and our results.

We very much appreciate other suggestions beyond what we’ve already done and have scheduled (see below).


  1. Facebook
  2. Tweeted
  3. Craigslist
  4. Nextdoor
  5. HelpingPets
  6. Lost My Kitty
  7. Lost Cats of King County
  8. Lost and Found Pets of Washington State
  9. Created this blog and a Google doc to coordinate efforts

Red Tape

  1. Registered his microchip with Avid: #081345035
  2. Entered him in the ROMPS database on the shelter’s site
  3. Called the Seattle Animal Shelter, made sure his license was up to date (#268482)
  4. Stopped by the Seattle shelter every three days to check the cattery and also the clipboard list of found-but-privately-held animals
  5. Filed a lost pet report with PAWS, in case Jake wandered up to Shoreline


  1. Searched house and yard
  2. Put litterbox outside
  3. Called nearby veterinarians
  4. Scent-trailed six blocks in all cardinal directions
  5. Sweeps with a flashlight, checking for eye reflection
  6. Signposted and leafleted the target zone, asking folks to check any enclosed spaces
  7. Searched the yards of most of our immediate neighbors (with permission, of course!)
  8. Walking the neighborhood with a recording of his companion cat being excited to eat
  9. Hired an expert and cat-detection dog, who found a kitty – ID unknown – bunkered under a shed in territory controlled by Jake’s nemesis. We installed a humane trap there and plan to add a wildlife camera. More info here.
  10. Tunneled under the neighbor’s shed, where a kitty was bunkered, and peered around with a sewer cam. Nada.


  1. Bigger posters more visible to drivers
  2. More walking, more searching, more everything
  3. Set up a wildlife camera on the trap
  4. Get permission for a second trap in a heavily trafficked back yard