MISSING CAT, DAY 10: Doug and I tunneled under the neighbors’ shed yesterday, then peered around with a sewer camera. Nada.

MISSING CAT, DAY 8:  The humane trap caught our kitty! Just not the lost kitty…

We had dinner outside the shed last night (talking calmly can encourage bunkered kitties to emerge). We also spoke with the owner of Jake’s nemesis, the big tuxedo. He’s been inside for a week, following a cat-induced injury that happened the day after our tabby went missing. So either they terrorized each other… or a new bullycat has come to town.

MISSING CAT, DAY 7: Doug and I may have heard Jake! We caught a meow, a warning warble and then a yowl, all sounding like him and near the shed where a cat has gone to ground. Of course we raced outside, along with our other kitty, but we couldn’t find him – and it would have been creepy to crash around our neighbor’s yard after midnight. But we are hopeful now!