jake-green-eyes-s2Our beloved kitty Jake is still missing from Broadview, Seattle (127th St and 7th Ave NW). We appreciate any and all help you can offer.

An indoor/outdoor cat, Jake is a cowardly couch potato who rarely leaves our fenced back yard. Something has prevented him from returning home.

  1. Another cat may have encroached on his territory and frightened him into hiding.
  2. Sick and injured kitties bunker – typically within a seven-house radius – and often remain silent when called, so as not to attract predators. Jake may be holed up somewhere in Broadview.
  3. Something may have chased him into unfamiliar territory. (Missing Animal Response Technician James Branson says it’s very unlikely he was killed by coyotes, despite sightings in the area.)

Please call or text – at any time of the day or night – if you spot him!

Amanda: 206.297.6090, amandacastleman@gmail.com
Doug: 206.910.8083, douglas.j.spaulding@gmail.com


Sex: neutered male
Age: 14
Weight: 13lbs
Microchipped: Yes
Collar: No
Type: Domestic Shorthair
Color: Black/brown
: Tabby
Distinctive markings
: milkspot chin, Cleopatra eye markings, rosettes on his belly and subtle cinnamon-bun swirls on his sides
Distinctive behavior: a thuggy walk. Jake also has extreme stranger-danger fear and may be hard to catch.
Last seen: 127th Street and 7th Ave NW, October 25, 2016,

Ways To Help

  1. Keep an eye out for Jake while walking the neighborhood
  2. Please check your sheds, garages, crawlspaces and basements, in case he hid from the rain and got trapped, especially in the target zone.
  3. Comb your yard: sick or injured cats often hole up silently in ditches or under bushes.